HAMISH MACKIE Robin - 2020

HAMISH MACKIE Robin - 2020



Robin - 2020

Bronze, Signed Hamish Mackie
Numbered Edition of 25
Dated 2020

H 51cm x W 12cm x L 16cm
including Kilkenny stone plinth.


Robin 2020 is one of a group of three bird sculptures that Hamish made during lockdown, from observing Britain's native fauna in his garden. This robin sculpture was inspired by the regular visitors to the bird feeder outside Hamish's office.

The robin is Britain's favourite bird, particularly associated with Christmas. Young birds are spotted golden brown and both males and females develop the characteristic red breast as they mature. Robins are also known for their melodious song and their inquisitive nature. However, despite their friendly reputation, they are aggressively territorial to other birds and will drive away intruders on their patch.